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hypnotherapybook_elman     The Green Book of Hypnotherapy

Dave Elman’s interest in hypnosis was first sparked as a child when his father’s pain from terminal cancer was relieved by a hypnotist.  After spending years entertaining audiences with stage hypnosis, music and jokes in the no-holds-barred world of vaudeville, and then a long and successful career as a host on national radio shows, Dave Elman’s understanding and skills in communication were profound.  When he turned his attention to teaching the benefits that hypnosis can bring to relieve suffering in all areas of human life, he did so with masterful directness, clarity and hands-on practicality.  He was one of the rare teachers who can both talk and “walk his talk” superbly.  For more than a decade he taught doctors and dentists to use hypnosis to help their patients, and his students, fortunately for us, persuaded him to write a book.  Dictated to his wife Pauline, and edited by his son Robert, who went on to become an editor and author in his own right in the field of travel writing, the “Green Book” has been published by Westwood for over 30 years and is a hypnotherapy classic.  In a beautifully bound format commissioned by Gil Boyne to last a lifetime, this book is an essential for every hypnotherapist.”

John Butler

Hypnotherapy Trainer & Practitioner

Director, Hypnotherapy Training International


“Dave Elman’s book Hypnotherapy (the GreenBook) has been published by Westwood for over 30 years, and is a hypnotherapy classic. In a beautifully bound format designed for Gil Boyne to last the hypnotist a lifetime, this book is an essential for every practitioner of the hypnotic arts”.

John Butler



Book Review – Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman

Dave Elman, Milton Erickson and Gil Boyne have been repeatedly voted as the three most influential persons in the history of modern hypnotherapy. Elman’s book contains some of the best information that can be found from someone who was a genuine expert and master of his art. I consider it to be one of the most significant hypnotherapy books ever written.

– Donald Robertson, Hypnotherapist, Harley St., London