Analytical HypnoA unique blend of analytic and direct suggestion techniques. Clearly written so that they may be understood by both hypnotherapist and layperson alike.
The book is well researched and very effective in its explanation of practice. A section on case histories forms
a major part of the work.


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miracleofmindDan Custer was an inspirational broadcaster and counselor to many people for over thirty years. His work addresses the most profound personal problems and the core therapeutic processes which can liberate people from emotional pain.


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hypnovisionThis fascinating book teaches the use of self-hypnosis specifically adapted to help improve vision.  The process aims to stimulate the body’s mechanisms to enhance current visual functioning.  The book teaches you to change the way you use the physical and psychological mechanisms used in vision.  The book is pragmatic and the author accurately reports her experiences with her clients and does not make unsupported claims.  This use of self-hypnosis and exercises produces a system that the current scientific understanding of vision does not encompass but which has helped many people who were not helped by conventional methods.  The book will also help you to change your inner vision of yourself.

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wallace bookThis book was published in 1911 and remains probably the most radical yet simple (but never simplistic) system ever outlined to transform your attitude towards life. Whether your goal is freedom from financial worries or gaining inner riches, or both, Wallace Wattles, drawing on his personal experience of poverty as well as counselling many individuals in his career as a minister, clearly describes his system using his clear and practical explanations of profound principles and how to use them.  One of the most powerful and original self-help books, that inspired the hit film and book “The Secret” and has never been improved upon by its many successors and imitators. Recommended for all people who seriously wish to transform themselves, and of special value for therapists with clients who need to address self-limitation of financial or other forms.

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Mutke book_CoverHypnosis:  The Mind-Body Connection by Peter Mutke. Written by an accomplished physician and highly-regarded hypnotherapist, the book outlines a step by step series of easily understood procedures for accessing our physical and mental processes to gain control over our own health.  The book was originally titled “Selective Awareness” to distinguish it from some earlier dogmatic methods of implanting suggestions using a sleep model of hypnosis.  With its emphasis on consciousness-raising and sophisticated affirmations using the principle of non-effort it will be seen by many modern hypnotherapists as fitting within the “domain” of hypnosis which encompasses a broad range of states of mind and many styles of using suggestions and affirmations.  The book includes sections on pain control, accelerated healing, weight reduction and much more.  The well-known therapist and author, Virginia Satir, writes “we stand at the threshold of a radically new world in which the individual can manage hisown health.  Through this valuable guide, Peter Mutke, has made a substantial contribution to the practice of self-healing”.

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Professional Stage Hypnotism” by OrmondMcGil.  A classic “HOW TO HYPNOTIZE” book from a master of hypnosis. This book is one of the most useful books ever written on the subject of hypnosis both for therapeutic applications and for stage hypnosis. The legendary Ormond McGill deals with how to reach and program the subconscious mind. The techniques and concepts are clearly explained by a man with a profound understanding of hypnosis and suggestion, recognized by many hypnotists as one of the great masters of the art. Ormond McGill’s deep and profound understanding of hypnosis, and of subconscious communication, make his teachings clear and easy to follow, and he includes helpful diagrams of positioning and sequences of action.

Dr. John Butler

Westwood Publishing

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HYPNOTHERAPY By Dave Elman. Hailed as a classic in its field. Elman’s major work is a forceful and dynamic presentation of hypnosis as a lightning-fast and amazingly effective tool in a wide range of therapies. A useful and practical summation of one of the pioneers in hypnotherapy. Elman trained more physicians to use hypnosis than anyone before or since..

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TRANSFORMING THERAPY by Gil Boyne.        A New Approach to Hypnotherapy By Gil Boyne. Here is a radically different approach to people-helping. Boyne has created a unique system that speaks simply yet eloquently to the issues of filling our deepest needs and realizing our highest potentials. Boyne focuses on solving problems by stimulating the inner creative mind. Includes techniques, and complete verbatim transcripts of live therapies. This book brilliantly illustrates how Boyne’s methods are currently redefining the meaning and essence of hypnotherapy.

“This book is a vivid, dramatic, clinical view into the innermost recesses of clients’ emotional lives. Boyne is a gifted and creative therapist who has created a highly effective approach to hypnotherapy”.

Robert F. Reid, III, Ph.D., Professor California State University, Northridge

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